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Darougar | 2016


Darougar is the first manufacturer of hygienic detergents, including soap, shampoo and dishwashing liquid in Iran, which has been running since 1300 S.H. However, in recent years, with the entry of new brands into the market, it has faced the challenge of losing its market share. To meet this challenge, Darougar decided to remind consumers of the brand's antiquity and their experience in this field with this motto: "We are beside you since the distant past."

Before making any decision, I faced a tough challenge in designing advertisements for Darougar's products. Most of its products are for bathrooms, and in Iran, showing naked or semi-naked people in bathrooms is prohibited due to Islamic laws. To solve this challenge, I used Iranian miniature characters. Because in ancient Iran, group bathing was a significant part of social life and had its own culture. Also, the use of miniature figures in today's bathroom space reminds the audiences of Darougar's long history and conveys the message that Darougar has existed since bathing was valued.

I considered this concept in designing the storyboard for the teaser as well. The story begins with a picture of a public bath in ancient Iran. While they are washing with Darougar soap, a person slips and flings to the bath belonging to today with a Darougar soap in his hand.

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