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Event poster | 2017

Green Building Design Competition

In designing the poster, I used a combination of green leaves (a sign of nature) and maps of the town where the building was to be built to call for a green building (eco-friendly building) competition. The location of the map on the leaf is also reminiscent of vessels.


The City Skin Poster

This poster is designed for a meeting on the subject of the relationship between economic developments and urban planning. In this design, according to the main issues raised, I used a combination of urban maps and coin machine to indicate that the economy is injected directly into the urban context.

Moon Theater Poster

In this poster, which was designed for the opening of the Moon Theater, I used a combination of a red curtain to mark the red curtain of the theater and the moon (the name of the theater). The position of the curtain on the moon is also reminiscent of the concept of unveiling and opening.

Theater Café 2nd year Celebration

In this poster, which was designed for the celebration of the Theater Café's 2nd year of activity, I made the traces of coffee cups in the form of Persian number 2. The use of the Thuluth font is inspired by the font used in the menu and the sign of this cafe.

Mobile Photography Workshop

Mobile Photography Workshop Poster is designed for a workshop that teaches the basics of photography in simple language. To design this poster, in addition to maintaining simplicity in design (in order to induce a simple educational tone), a person is photographing the poster with a mobile phone.

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