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Lomana | 2022


The main focus of the Lomana brand (bedding sets corporate) is to create a comfortable sleep in a soft and gentle bed. To induce such a pleasant feeling in all Lomana products like pillows, bedspreads, and mattresses particular fibers, which are up to 5 times softer than the others, are used. Considering these concepts for designing the Lomana logotype, I came up with the first two letters of the brand name, LO, by using linear analysis of the most comfortable sleeping positions. Then, based on this structure, I designed the rest of the logo letters using handwriting mode to instill a more comfortable sense.

In order to complete the expression of the designated concepts, I chose the flower form (symbol of tenderness) as the visual element of the Lomana's visual identity. This flower was designed in two colors and a sewing stitch so that the two signs of softness and sewing together are reminiscent of soft and delicate textiles. Of course, my goal was not to create a flower form to be used separately but to use the forms derived from it in different parts of the design.

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