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Pampa | 2016


Pampa, as the manufacturer of bedding and bathing products made from 100% cotton fibers, primarily sought to emphasize the cotton and extraordinary softness of its products as a distinguishing element from other competitors. This emphasis is also quite evident in the brand's name. Pampa means cotton in ancient Persian. On the other hand, the Pampa brand has a playful, young, and lively personage that has a market basket with bathing and bedding sets for children, teenagers, and young people. To design the Pampa logotype, I used a combination of a panda with the word Pampa. Because a panda is a sleepy animal with a very soft body and a playful personality that is very close to the character of this brand and its products. Also, the words Pampa and Panda are very close in pronunciation, and it quickly reminds the audiences of a panda image. To expand the presence of panda in the brand identity, I designed Pampa's panda at different ages from childhood to youth to be used in the packaging of products appropriate to the age of the consumers.

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