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Ancient Stories Land | 2022

Ancient Stories Land

The goal of founding the Ancient Stories Land Institute is to teach original Persian literature in a simple and understandable language to children and adolescents. In this institute, ancient Persian stories are as an educational resource. These stories are also combined with games to transform the learning space into a dynamic environment, so students have a more active role than just listening in classroom. 

I was inspired by the Kufic script to design the institute's logotype, because it had been used for a long time in Iran and can be seen in almost all architectural works of ancient times. Also, the Kufic script has a plain and more legible appearance compared to other ancient handwritings, by having a geometric structure based on a square. On the other hand, the 0-1 (positive and negative) structure of the Kufic script allows the combination of games that are based on the same structure (such as mazes, puzzles, Rubik). To design the logotype, I combined the Maze game with Kufic script and used soft corners as well as a fair blueish-green color to make it more childlike. In order to develop the identity in other spaces, I also designed characters based on the logo structure for the institute's interior pattern and design.

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