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During my 5 years of working and academic experience in the field of graphic design and art direction, I realized that communicating with the audience is the key point to address in commercial design. Therefore, I focus on creating links between businesses and their audiences with visual graphic design solutions in order to make such unique connections, I use the links between the stories behind each business and turn them into visual stories.

The story behind each brand is made up of different events that develop its character. That's why I use a combination of analog and digital techniques to present creative and aesthetic images of these stories, and never restrict myself to specific techniques or tools. Putting these together helps me make my works look special and different while attracting the audiences' attention. One of my best experiences has been combining Persian and English calligraphy. These two scripts, which are completely different in structure (Persian calligraphy is connected and written from right to left and English is exactly the opposite), are good examples of combining contradictions.

I would like to help businesses make creative connections with their audiences by investing in the attention economy.

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